Press Release: Parex USA Announces the Launch of Accel-Pak

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Parex USA Announces the Launch of Accel-Pak

Product Significantly Reduces Time Required for Adhesive Setting


Anaheim, CA — February 09, 2010 - Parex USA, Inc. the parent company of leading building material brands; Parex, Teifs, LaHabra, El Rey Stucco, and Merkrete today announced the launch of new set accelerator product, Accel-Pak.

Accel-Pak is an 1 lb. admix that may be used with any Parex 121 Base Coat & Adhesive product to greatly reduce the time required for the material to set an adhesive in EPS insulation. Accel-Pak was primarily designed for winter use but can also be used in other seasons for EIFS patch & repair work.

"Winter is a difficult time for scheduling work on a job site," said Quenton Roehricht, Brand Manager. "Workable days can be few and far between and it is critical for the maximum amount of work to be accomplished on these days. Accel-Pak allows contractors to adhesively stick foam and apply base coat in the same day. This process would normally take two days during the winter but Accel-Pak allows contractors to accomplish this in one day!"

Accel-Pak comes as a dry admix to be added to existing base coats and adhesives. Competitors require purchasing a separate "rapid-set" base coat & adhesive which typically carries a shorter shelf life. Another advantage of Accel-Pak is its ability to be used in either wet or dry mix 121 series base coat & adhesives providing additional flexibility. Competitors offer their "rapid-set" base coat and adhesives as dry mix products only.

"Parex stands for product innovation and service. We provide customers the opportunity to only manage an additional admixture to the products they use and carry instead of an entire new base coat and adhesive which can be an expensive proposition," Roehricht commented. We've provided contractors who are more comfortable using wet mix base coats and adhesives, the benefit of a rapid set admix without being forced to use a dry mix product. These may seem small and simple advantages but they mean a great deal to contractors."



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Parex USA, Inc., a California Corporation, is the parent company to brands that offer a wide range of innovative façade and flooring solutions. Its brands include Parex, LaHabra Stucco, Merkrete, Teifs, El Rey Stucco, Merlex Stucco, Variance Finishes, and Vero-Rialto. It is a subsidiary of the ParexGroup, S.A., one of the world's leading manufacturers of specialty solutions for the construction industry. ParexGroup spans 22 countries, employing 4,000 professionals across 66 manufacturing facilities and 9 R&D centers. To learn more about Parex USA, Inc., please visit



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