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Parex USA Masonry Veneer EPS Basecoat and Adhesive

EPS Basecoat & Adhesive is the first premium grade basecoat used to adhere and coat EPS continuous insulation sheeting as part of the Parex USA MVS - CI System. This specialized EPS Basecoat creates an energy efficient wall substrate suitable for the application of manufactured masonry veneers or in conjunction with other Parex USA finishes.

Parex USA Carvable Mortar

Parex USA Carvable Mortar is a polymer modified architectural mortar used to create shapes and sculpted structures. It is the ideal product to mimic the look of wood, rock or stones.

Parex USA Carvable Mortar can be build up to 6” in total thickness and can be used over a wide variety of substrates. It can be machine or hand applied and is paintable

Parex USA 360 Fast Window Mesh

A preformed mesh used to reinforce the corners of rough openings. It is ready to use and pre-cut for fast installation It should be used in conjunction with Parex USA Weather Tech WRBs: WeatherSeal Spray & Roll-On, WeatherSeal Trowel-On and WeatherBlock SP1 Spray & Roll-On.

Parex USA 360 Fast Windown Mesh comes in boxes of 40 units.

Parex USA WeatherTech WeatherFlash

WeatherFlash liquid flashing and joint filler is used to prepare and seal exterior wall rough openings and detail joints as part of the WeatherTech air and water

barrier system

Areas of Use

• Window and door rough openings

• Sheathing joints

• Fastener points

• Wall penetrations (Beams, pipes, utility boxes, etc.)


Available in 20 oz. Sausage Packs or 3 Gal Pails

Parex USA WeatherTech WeatherBlock SP1 Spray & Roll-On

A Class I 100% Acrylic co-polymer fast drying vapor barrier, elastomeric waterproof and air barrier coating which can be either rolled, brushed, or spray applied. Is designed for use as vapor barrier behind exterior claddings. Is extremely flexible: can bridge cracks and accommodate small movements up to 1/32 in. (0.8mm). Bridges 1/8 in. (3mm) gaps at sheathing board joints with Parex USA 396 Sheathing Tape embedded.

Parex USA WeatherTech WeatherSeal SB

A single component cement base waterproofing coating for CMU and concrete. It is a multipurpose polymer modified waterproofing product: Air Barrier, Water Resistive Barrier, and Scratch Coat that can be used above grade and below grade for planters or concrete foundations.

Parex USA WeatherSeal SB is can be used to fill joints in CMU and to level rough concrete or CMU walls.