TeifsFlex EIFS Submittal Package

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The Parex literature in this package is assembled for submittal and includes the "Recommended Documents". To include optional "Product Data Sheets & MSDS" & "Additional Product Literature", click on the menu below to expand the section and check the appropriate box(es). Once you have completed your selections, click the next button.


Submittal Package Documents
» Recommended Documents
Specification: TeifsFlex (PDF)
Specification: Parex USA EPS (PDF) (English)
Product Data Sheets & MSDS
» EIFS Basecoats & Adhesives
(Select one or more)

Data Sheet: TeifsBase
Data Sheet: TeifsBase DB
Data sheet: Teifs Base DB
Data Sheet: Teifs Dry Base Optimum
Data Sheet: Teifs Wet Base Optimum
SDS: Teifs Wet Base Optimum
SDS: TeifsBase
SDS: TeifsBase DB
» Accessories & Misc
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Data Sheet: Parex USA Reinforcing Meshes
» Coatings
(Select one or more)

Data Sheet: Elastomeric Coating
Data Sheet: Parex USA DPR Coating (formerly Teifs Coat Smooth)
SDS: Parex USA DPR Coating
SDS: Parex USA Elastomeric Coating
» Acrylic Finishes
(Select one or more)

Data Sheet: TeifsFlex
Data Sheet: Teifs DPR Finishes
Data Sheet: Variance Antiquing Gel
SDS: Teifs DPR Finishes
SDS: TeifsFlex Finishes
» Elastomeric Finishes
(Select one or more)

Data Sheet: E-Lastic Finishes
SDS: E-Lastic Finishes
Additional Product Literature
» Select additional product literature
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Data Sheet: Parex USA Clear Sealer & Matte Clear Sealer
Data Sheet: Parex USA WeatherDry
Data Sheet: TeifsBase FR
SDS: TeifsBase FR
Data Sheet: Teifs Structure
Data Sheet: Teifs Adheez
SDS: Teifs Adheez
Data Sheet: Variance Aged Limestone
Data Sheet: Variance Alto
Data Sheet: Variance Anciano
Data Sheet: Variance ArmourPlast
Data Sheet: Variance Brio
Data Sheet: Variance Cerastone
Data Sheet: Variance Lustro
Data Sheet: Variance OmniCoat
Data Sheet: Variance PlasterShield
Data Sheet: Variance Spraystone
Data Sheet: Variance Tierra
Data Sheet: Variance Tuffstone Granite
Data Sheet: Variance Tuscan Stucco
Data Sheet: Variance VariPrime
Data Sheet: Variance VariPrime Sanded
Data Sheet: Variance VariSeal
Data Sheet: Variance VariStain
SDS: Variance Aged Limestone Fine
SDS: Variance Aged Limestone Coarse
SDS: Variance Alto
SDS: Variance ArmourPlast
SDS: Variance Brio
SDS: Variance Cerastone
SDS: Variance PlasterShield Gloss
SDS: Variance Spraystone
SDS: Variance Tierra
SDS: Variance Tuffstone Granite
SDS: Variance Tuscan Stucco
SDS: Variance VariPrime Sanded
SDS: Variance VariSeal Flat
SDS: Variance VariPrime
SDS: Variance VariStain
SDS: Variance Anciano