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TB001 - Drainage Requirements for EIFS
TB002 - Guide to Sealant Terms & Use with EIFS
TB003 - Stucco & EIFS Defined
TB004 - R-Value of EIFS
TB005 - Approximate Weight of EIFS
TB006 - Rated Wall Assemblies
TB007 - Cement Finish Care & Maintenance
TB008 - Acceptable Substrates & Areas of Use
TB009 - Huber Zip System
TB010 - EIFS on Metal Lath
TB011 - Approved Exterior Sheathing
TB012 - EIFS Over Glazed Tile, Glazed Brick or Glass Block
TB013 - Expiration Date of Parex USA Products
TB014 - Adhesive vs. Mechanical Attachment of EIFS
TB015 - Applying Products in Hot Weather
TB016 - Dark Color Finishes on EIFS
TB017 - Parex USA Metallic Coating Using Conventional & HVLP Spray Guns
TB018 - Boxing Acrylic Finishes
TB019 - Critical Light & Aesthetic Issues
TB020 - Applying Parex Multi-Texture & TeifsFlex Freedom Acrylic Finishes
TB021 - Primer Under Cerastone & Spraystone Finishes
TB021 - Sanded Primer Under Cerastone, Spraystone and Tuffstone Granite Finishes
TB022 - Cleaning Graffiti off Finishes
TB023 - Acrylic Finish Care & Maintenance
TB024 - Repair of Cracks in EIFS
TB025 - Repairing Attachment Holes & Slivers
TB026 - Cracking in Portland Cement Plaster Basecoats
TB027 - Performing Stucco Repairs
TB028 - Stucco Wall Base Deterioration at Soil
TB029 - Stucco Over Metal Lath to CMU
TB030 - Portland Cement Based Material Cold Weather Application
TB031 - Allegro, Fog Coat & Color Matching
TB032 - Color Variation Causes
TB033 - Four Stucco Refinishing Methods
TB034 - Stucco Finishing Products
TB035 - Color Level Adjusting & Limits
TB036 - Ghosting on Stucco Surfaces
TB037 - Efflorescence on Walls
TB038 - Painting & Painted Stucco Finishes
TB039 - Calculation of Permeance for Water & Air Barrier Coatings
TB040 - Spraying WeatherSeal Spray & Roll-on
TB041 - WeatherSeal Trowel-on Color Change
TB042 - Understanding Conventional & HVLP Spray Guns
TB043 - Archived Literature Policy
TB044 - Certification Letter
TB045 - Application Tips for Winter Work
TB046 - Certification Requirments
TB047 - Colorfastness of Acrylic Based Finishes / ColorFast System
TB048 - Spraying & Pumping Parex USA Products
TB049 - Wood Sheathing Assemblies
TB050 - Aggregate for Portland Cement Plaster
TB051 - Shipping Errors, Damaged Products and Order Errors
TB052 - One Pail - One Bag Credit Policy
TB053 - Parex USA Technical Support Overview
TB054 - Acrylic Finish Liquid Colorants
TB055 - Manufacturer's Qualifications
TB058 - Prevention of Acrylic Color Problems
TB061 - Overlapping Seams of Reinforcing Mesh
TB062 - Airless Spraying PAREXUSA Coatings
TB063 - Applying Parex Smooth Finish Wood Grain Texture
TB1769 - Silica Dust
TB1952 - Low Slope EPS